Mary Lu is an artist and teacher. Several years ago she did a small collection of pen and ink note card images which she had printed up. We sold some of them at the many shows we attend. The four images are below. We have all of them currently available in packs of eight with eight envelopes. They are printed on cream colored card stock with matching envelopes. These are blank cards with only the image on the front. She calls them "Fish Tales." They are available as one of a kind or in any combination you desire. She sells them for $5.00 a pack plus $1.50 shipping.

Just order by name: Dry Fly, Muddler, Mayfly, and Rainbow. I think you will enjoy them and surely your friends will too.

Fish Tales by Mary Lu
5798 Singers Glen Rd.
Harrisonburg, VA 22802

Write to, Mary Lu Lewis