Oscar is the large brown that lives below the culvert at Stump's place on Mossy Creek.
I caught this picture of him last winter one day when I was fishing below the culvert
for him and his friend. I managed to catch his friend but have never been able to
hook up with him. He has eluded me for three years.

He usually holds in the slack water to the right just below the culvert, though some
times he is just above the culvert in a narrow channel between the grasses. This evening
I saw him holding in six inches of water just below the rocks on the right. I cast to him
several times but he always turned away and once even spooked into the deeper water.

Thinking I might be able to trick him into a take, I came back to him after a little rest
and tried skittering the Tweeter Caddis past his nose a couple times. The second pass
was too much for him and he turned and closed on my fly. Bang, I had him on. What a
monster on my tiny 3 wt. five piece fly rod.

Though he is very heavy and very strong, he is a lazy boy and came in close fairly quickly.

I dragged him into the shallows at my feet. Dick has caught him three times and
says he is 24 inches. I think that is a little optimistic. I would guess at around 22.

He had the fly well inside his big mouth. Rather than risk having my fingers torn up
by his healthy teeth, I got out the pliers and got the fly out quickly.

Mary Lu snapped a quick shot of him. He is a heavy one. I would guess around five pounds.

I held him in the shallows for some time till he was stable. He rested there for a while.
I fished above for half an hour and, when I came back, he had drifted a little further out.
When I cast the line over him to fish the top of the run, he spooked and dashed to
the deep water. He is strong and healthy and ready for next time.


Oscar has been an elusive friend. It is good
to finally make his acquaintance.


I got a letter from Kathy Wenger just today,
August 29, 2002. She said Dick found Oscar
lodged in the moss recently just below the
culvert where he has always lived. As Kathy
said, Mossy just isn't the same without Oscar.
It is always hard to lose a friend.

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