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Though probably the big news for 2005 is the introduction of two entry level series of rods from Sage, they haven't neglected the high end rods. New this year is the TXL series of super light, shorter fly rods missing from their rod lines since the demise of the SPL series four years ago. These new rods are constructed of their Generation 5 super light, super high strain graphite layups pioneered last year with the Xi2 Saltwater rods. You will notice the smaller diameter, gently tapered blanks that they have developed for this line in line weights from the new industry ground breaking 00 weight to two models of 4 wts. You can see on my Prices page that I am including five models in my lineup.

Like me, Sage is a detailer when it comes to cosmetics. The colors they are using on their blanks now are nothing short of amazing. The TXL blanks are a deep golden hue, a bit lighter and more golden than the SLT blanks which are their closest brothers. You will notice I complement those colors with a nice golden tan wrap with a lighter tan trim wrap and inscription color. Of course I use the best quality stripping and snake guides and Bob Venneri's wonderfully machined knurled winding checks.

For reel seats on these super light rods, I'm using Bob Venneri's upslide seat in wonderfully burled woods. It is an extremely light reel seat that enables the grip to be a little closer to the end of the rod, since the upper end of the reel foot slides into the upper retainer under the rear of the grip. I am also using his small diameter screw lock seat for these rods too if customers prefer a screw lock seat. You can see an example here of one with a very unusual lacy maple burl impregnated wood insert. Like all of Bob's seats, the wood inserts are impregnated with a resin that is very tough and very durable and very water proof. They can always be polished with automotive wax to a new soft luster.

As with my other rods, Mary Lu sews the rod bags. We use a wonderfully plush velour fabric. The bags are several inches longer than the rods enabling the top to fold down over the rest of the bag keeping the sections from working out and rubbing against the rod tube. Our rod cases are heavy anodized aluminum with gold anodized caps and collars. They have my logo painted on the side of the tube. I have been getting all my rod cases from Landmark Component Company for many years. They are a good dependable supplier and the owner, Ron Cilli, a native Western Pennsylvanian, like myself, has become a good friend like so many of my suppliers.

The TXL series of rods are my lightest fly rods. They are a delicate touch like no others. I hope you will give them some careful consideration.

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