The Pacific Bay full metal anodized series of reel seats are among the most durable and secure saltwater reel seats available. I began using them a couple years ago at the request of several of my New Jersey saltwater fly fishing customers. They feel the forward fixed and rear sliding collars along with the knurled lock nut with rubber o-ring insert provide the ultimate in security for their finest saltwater reels. The foam bottom detachable fighting butt has become an industry standard. It is secured to the bottom of the reel seat with a threaded and o-ringed stud. A quick push and a couple quick turns is all it takes to get it quickly in place. Many fishermen prefer to keep it in their pocket and attach it when the fight begins. The model I am using this year is titanium anodized with a knurled upper retaining ring. You can see a picture of it on one of the pictures on the More Pictures Page. I use this combination on most of my saltwater rods.