Fall fishing at Stump's place on Mossy is an exercise in color.

Blackie the wonder cat watches for rising fish under the willow tree, hoping I won't
catch the usual large trout. Chubs are his fare.

Unfortunately for Blackie, this very dark colored brown came to my fly
rather than the red sided chub he had hoped for.

Tricos were the afternoon fare today. This boy took my tiny parachute pattern.

He rested in the shallows for a while before returning to the depths of the Willow Hole.

His friend soon came to my fly and slowly finned in the shallows at my feet.

I noticed small dark bugs falling from the bare branches of the willow tree and put on a small
beetle pattern which this nice fellow couldn't resist.

My final fish of the afternoon was this very brightly colored holdover brown
apparently from our stocking a year ago. He is very healthy and fat.

It will soon be winter and the browns of the Willow Hole will hold tight to the bottom.
I will come again to Stump's place when the willow turns green next Spring.

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