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Answering the demand for more and more compact fly rods is my, Signature series of six piece rods. After working very closely with a westcoast rod blank designer, I have been able to come up with a series of three six piece rods. Complete specifications and prices of these rods are available on the Prices page. The rods range in length from 7' to 8' all in line size 3. The key to the success of these rods is the plug ferrule system. The glued in plug ferrule enables a smooth transition through the ferrules and a complete lack of stiff spots so obvious in tip over butt ferrules. The result is a tremendously smooth performing rod. These three weights have none of the stiff butt feel of shorter multi piece rods from other manufacturers. Their performance is a wonderful blend of delicate crispness.

These rods pack down as short as 16 inches and can be carried inside a pack or suit case. The blanks have a rich deep brown high gloss finish. The highest quality reel seat fittings with fiddleback maple and cocobola wood inserts along with my traditional meticulous fit and finish make these rods extremely attractive. Additional pictures of these rods are available on my More Pictures page.


Dave Lewis
Performance Fly Rods
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Harrisonburg, VA 22802
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